Beginning Aug 2023, we will be implementing a monthly facility fee and will require a card to be on file for all clients. Due to the rising cost of living and continued decreases in insurance reimbursement, we are forced to make changes so that we can continue to serve our community. This facility fee is not a treatment fee and is not a charge for treatment services. This fee is being implemented as a requirement for patients’ use of the facility and goes directly to facility maintenance to include, but not limited to:  

  • office supplies,  
  • health and wellness supplies,  
  • materials for therapy,  
  • assessment protocols,  
  • routine professional cleaning,  
  • routine pest control,  
  • computer maintenance,  
  • and other expenses related to maintaining the facility.  

Implementing this new policy will allow us to continue providing services to our community in this facility. The fee will be service based (see below) and charged on the 3rd of each month. Without an active card on file, services will be placed on hold and per company policy a hold will only be placed for two weeks. If no payment is received during that two-week hold, your child’s slot will be offered to a patient from the waitlist.  

Fees are paid for each service received.  

  • Speech: $5 per month 
  • Feeding: $5 per month  
  • Occupational therapy: $10 per month 
  • Physical Therapy: $10 per month 

Example: If your child receives all 4 services your monthly fee will be $30. If your child receives OT and feeding your monthly fee with be $15  


We understand that change is difficult and appreciate your understanding as we take steps to ensure we can continue to provide services to our community. If you are unable to comply with this for any reason, please set up a time to discuss this with management. Patients receiving government assistance (WIC/EBT) can have the fee waived by showing proof of participation in these programs every quarter (every 3 months). 


Treatment is offered in the home to patients under the age of three who have been referred by the Children’s Developmental Services Agency (CDSA), per our contract with the CDSA, to provide services in a natural environment. Other patients under three who were referred via PCP, self-referred, or other referral sources are not guaranteed treatment in the home setting. At the age of 3, patients transition out of the CDSA and services in the home are no longer offered. Patients are then able to continue services in the clinic setting. This is required for a couple of reasons: children 3 and older generally benefit more from therapy when in a structured clinic setting and transitioning patients to the clinic setting opens spaces for younger children who typically benefit more from service provided in a natural environment. Exceptions may be made for patients who are medically complex or do not have transportation to come into the clinic. Exceptions are on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by management.  

A travel fee of $3 per visit per household (meaning if two patients are seen back-to-back on the same day at the same location one fee will only be charged) will be charge for all patients seen in the home for patients 3 and older and those seen in the home who are not receiving services through the CDSA. This fee will be automatically billed within a week of the date of service. If you wish to have the fee billed on a specific date you may make a payment arrangement with our billing coordinator. 

Fee Policy 

In Home Treatment and Travel Fees